“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

We Love Technology is an annual showcase which celebrates the misuse of technology.
This year we are inviting a range of inspirational makers and thinkers from across digital culture, music and art and design communities.

1pm-6pm on Thursday 20th November 2008 : Bates Mill, Huddersfield

A packed programme of speakers share ideas on audio hacking, social technologies, generative music, pervasive gaming, Emo wells, satcoms, what to do with all the stuff and ties which double up as arousal indicators in Bates Mill, Huddersfield.

Click to see full programme.

WLT08 is programmed by Blink, delivered by BASE and hosted at Bates Mill, Huddersfield HD1 3DX

Speakers included

Dr Chris Speed
Chris Speed is a research active designer working within the field of Digital Architecture, Human Geography and Social Computing developing new forms of spatial practice that transform our experience of the built environment. He is currently a Reader in Digital Architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art and has a background as an artist, freelance multimedia designer and art editor at a large publishing company in London.

Jen Southern
Jen Southern is an artist whose work involves investigating everyday journeys between virtual and physical spaces, which are navigated through socially embedded technologies such as video games, mobile phones and locative media. Her use of technology is specific to each project and has included robotics, wearables, shipping containers and currently GPS.

Tom Betts
Tom is an art school educated artist, self taught programmer, experimental musician and academic. He has been practising in the field of digital and interactive media for over 10 years and his current work investigates the ways in which digital environments change our perception and treatment of space, time and material. His projects focus on several aspects of this culture such as: schizophrenic and multidimensional reconstructions of data, interventions and distortions of existing digital spaces, generative construction of content and the life of digital objects.

Previous contributors :- Usman Haque / Chris O Shea / Graham Pullin / Daniel Blackburn / Tuomo Tamenpaa / Alex Grunsteidl / Regine DeBatty / Julius Popp / Steve Manthorp / Jaxson Payne / Player Please / Mirjam Struppek / Tom Schouten / Mathias Fuchs / Troika / Tom Betts / Andy Gracie / slub / Tim Hunkin / Alison Mealey / Matt Locke / Stuart Nolan / Matt Webb / Iman Moradi / Andrew Wilson

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