Origami Robot

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…data staffs, knitted pixels, invisibility cloaks, sardonic software and code as poetry.

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“…data staffs, knitted pixels, invisibility cloaks, sardonic software and code as poetry.” https://medium.com/@imran/entanglement-entropy-6393f0495ffb


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Tube Map Radio

Commissioned by Design Museum London

PCB cad by Masahiko Shindo (Shindo Denki Sekkei)

The map is inspired by a spoof diagram created by the original designer of the London Tube
map, Harry Beck, which shows the lines and stations as an annotated electrical circuit.
Iconic landmarks on this map are represented by components relating to their functions,
including a speaker where Speaker’s Corner sits and a battery representing Battersea Power Station.

Wanted to make the components visible because “it is difficult for consumers to understand
the complexity of the workings behind the exterior” of today’s electronic devices.
By creating a “narrative to explain how electronics work,” hopes users will be encouraged
to fix their own broken devices.

For full story -and watch the video as he mentions Tim Hunkin’s Secret Life of Machines – another WLT speaker here.

Bird on a Wire – mobile phone triggered interaction

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New interactive installation for a Manhattan corner shop.

‘Bird on a Wire’ is a projected interactive display created for a pair of storefront windows at the corner Mercer St. and Washington Pl. in Manhattan. By calling a number a passerby can set birds perched on telephone wires into motion while listening to their flocking sounds on a cellphone. Each bird is individually mapped to the space’s physical set design and the animation is triggered when the birds receive a call to the designated number. The installation transforms a traditional storefront into a literal call to action – engaging pedestrians into a playful two way interaction.



Message Tree

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You might say that the speed with which we communicate today has removed the elements of anticipation back when we used to wait for things in the mail. Korean design studio HYBE, who we interviewed awhile back for their homage to Dan Flavin, is throwing back to the days yesteryear, the age of slow, meaningful communication, with their new piece Leaf: Autumn 2012.

more from The Creator’s Project

Nadine Jarvis – Feed yourself to the birds

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Bird feeder with a difference.




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