“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

2007  hosted by the University of Huddersfield and The Media Centre

Led by pioneering technologists, We Love Technology is an annual celebration of the creative use of technology. This year an array of makers and thinkers from across digital culture, games and art and design communities will be contributing to our special-edition free salon event.

A nice review here from Russel Davies

“It’s unbelievably inspiring, includes the most amazing visionary speakers but is also small friendly and perfectly formed. The quality of TED but more accessible. “ The Melt team

“Totally fascinating and informing, We Love Technology opened up a world of new media that I’d only imagined existed. I went back to work buzzing with ideas. A truly unique event.” Guest feedback

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Photo credits and captions
(1) photographer Iman Moradi
Jen Southern, Rob Lycett, Tuomo Tammenpää , Steve Manthorp and Stuart Nolan among others in Cafe Ollo , The Media Centre.
(2) photographer Jamie Hutchinson
Troika : Sms Guerilla Projector demo, Andrew Wilson : Snakes and Ladders demo, Daniel Blackburn and
Tuomo Tammenpää : Tiletoy demo. Karen Gaskill and Abby Dix testing out Troika’s Electroprobe

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