Friday 12th Feb 2010 10.30 till 4.30 (ish)

Lovebytes : Festival of Digital Creativity and Culture

will host the next We Love Technology at Electric Works, Sheffield UK

Ten speakers are  lined up this year but there may still be room in the programme if you are working in digital craft. Contact me asap Lisa Roberts lisa at blinkmedia dot org. Lovebytes latest press release.

§ 4 Responses to WLT10

  • Loved the event, it was great. Lots of nice touches including the found slides, and sweets and baggs of random electronic components,

    • It was our best event yet. It really helped having such a great venue and Lovebytes as partners. Glad you loved the goody bags they take a surprising amount of time and effort. Maybe we can have someone from transitlab down to talk at the next one?

  • Emma says:

    Last years We Love Technology was a turning point for me, in terms of the way I think about the web and what the associated technologies can be used for. I particularly enjoyed Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino’s presentation (Tinker.It) and The Owl Project’s iLog. It was great to see some people I know speaking and also some that I’ve wanted to see for years – and right on my doorstep in Sheffield, in such a fantastic venue – and all for £20. I have two questions: Will there be another one? And why do you think there were so few female components involved (speaking and watching)?

    • Hi Derek, Glad you liked it. I always struggle to get women to come along and talk. In my experience men seem much happier to talk to a crowd and women better on panels, leading workshops often favouring conversation over oration but not always. I always try to have an equal representation. It gets easier every year though with more daily activity being commited to documentation and self reflexion/promotion and obviously as time moves on with technology thankfully becoming less of a male dominated realm. LeedsGeekGirls http://www.leedsgirlgeekdinners.com

      I am poised to do another WLT but this year may be difficult as funding has become a major issue for the arts.

      Thanks for your great feedback.

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