Bird on a Wire – mobile phone triggered interaction

New interactive installation for a Manhattan corner shop.

‘Bird on a Wire’ is a projected interactive display created for a pair of storefront windows at the corner Mercer St. and Washington Pl. in Manhattan. By calling a number a passerby can set birds perched on telephone wires into motion while listening to their flocking sounds on a cellphone. Each bird is individually mapped to the space’s physical set design and the animation is triggered when the birds receive a call to the designated number. The installation transforms a traditional storefront into a literal call to action – engaging pedestrians into a playful two way interaction.




Home Sweet Skip

Goldsmith’s design graduate, Oliver Bishop-Young, unveiled two interesting proposals for the re-use of dumpsters (or skips as they’re called in the UK) at the New Designers’ festival earlier this month – but would you have lunch in a dumpster, or more to the point, would you swim in one?

The first proposal is for a website where people can share information about the contents of their skip and others can salvage it (demo now online). The database would be searchable by a variety of filters including item or location, with the tip you choose to loot viewable as a hi-resolution image.

via Environmental Graffiti


Another green roof goblin – Las Palmas Parasite by KORTEKNIE STUHLMACHER ARCHITECTEN