Hosts and parasites

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As more people filter into the city, open land to build on will become more and more scarce, and we may have to use every available bit of space we can, including empty bare walls, bridge pylons, and retaining walls. The Prefab Parasite, designed by Australia-based Lara Calder Architects, is such a structure — aiming to turn previously empty vertical surfaces into livable and attractive private space. Mimicking parasitic qualities, the home is designed for durability and adaptability, evident in its construction out of prefabricated panels so that the home can be affixed onto any wall or pylon large and strong enough to hold it.


Rural and remote locations with profuse green spaces, which work as refuges in a highly populated city like London are hosting some magical artistic installations. Spontaneous City In The Tree Of Heaven is one of these sculptural installations commissioned by Up Projects and created by London based artistic duo Jo Joelson and Bruce Gilchrist, known as London Fieldworks.


Sleep in nature



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