I R Wizard. Artimelt calls out to Yorkshire arts organisations

Steve Manthorp and I will be working as wizards with The Artimelt Academy.

Come and join us.

The Artimelt Academy – helping Yorkshire’s arts organisations take advantage of new, media funding schemes

“Digital media technologies are affecting every aspect of our society, economy and culture. We can now connect with audiences in new ways, bringing them into a closer relationship with the arts and creating new ways for them to take part. Responding to this change will lead to the development of new business models, new networks and new forms of creativity.” (Arts Council England)

The Artimelt Academy is The Culture Company’s new support programme for arts organisations and individuals, who wish to develop knowledge and ideas with the purpose of producing proposals of strong creative media content for digital and social media funding programmes such as Channel 4’s 4iP programme, The Welcome Trust’s Arts Award scheme and Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England.

The Academy will consist of mentored research trips to an exciting and varied range of inspirational events, seminars and conferences; opportunities for peer group support and development of ideas through Academy Camps.

The Artimelt Academy will open for business in early January 2010. Please visit www.artimelt.com for a little more info and to sign up to The Artimelt newsletter.


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