PPAG Architects : Transforming spaces

This is the real multifunctional tool!
The inner courtyards of the Museumsquartier in Vienna, formerly the royal stables, which have been renovated and now host several cultural organisations, museums and cafes, are the playground for 116 over-sized elements, made of coated EPS (expanded polystyrene), which ? joined in endless variations ? can be read as characteristic, recognizable occupants on behalf of modern architecture in the preserved, historical complex of buildings.
In summer they wander in herds through the yards, every year in different colours and formations: next to each other, on top of each other, in circles, in spirals? By piling the elements in winter they are transformed into building-like structures, inside one can enjoy punch and DJ-music, or even ?the cinema of the cold?.
According to their precisely controlled form the elements will offer some more geometrical surprises ? mere crystallography! ? through which they acknowledge the communal aspect of the site and reaffirm the social role of architecture.

Der Sommer ist super by Jan Tabor
A Tie, a Stalemate by Johannes Grenzfurthner, monochrom
Furniture Designed for Lovers of an Urban Polar Landscape by Christoh Wurmdobler
PPAGOTTOMANEN (The PPAG Ottoman Sofa) by Jan Tabor
Dingmobil by Ferdinand Schmatz
ENZI:Evaluating Furniture from a Mathematical Perspective by Rudolf Taschner, math.space
Die Bequemlichkeit der Kristalle by Anna Popelka


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