Dislocated geographies:Forest of Lines in Sydney Opera House

French artist Pierre Huyghe unveiled his large-scale masterpiece for the Biennale of Sydney – an indoor rain forest – free access 24 hours only.

The chairs and stage of the Concert Hall have been removed and literally transplanted with a magical forest of trees blanketed in a light mist suggesting early morning dawn.

The vast installation of more than 1000 trees borrowed from nurseries around Sydney has been created to fit with the biennale theme Revolutions: Forms That Turn.

“I’m a bit tired, that’s true,” Huyghe said.

“It took a while to install this but for me it is always a pleasure.”

Wiki Huyghe, Daily Telegraph article, Sydney Opera House site and what the Tate says including his Central Park, New York Glacial landscape work


5 thoughts on “Dislocated geographies:Forest of Lines in Sydney Opera House

  1. zzzzz…… AND??!
    So what – it is a one day, fake mise-en-scene designer job of “a rainforest”, if one never saw a rainforest or understood specifically the need to see it in CONTEXT, with its overall environment, the moisture in the air, the animals, the insects, the whole ecosystem. Art meaning “image” and something to fill up space for the collector and institution to purchase. Bravo. Really. Smithson and Co would be really impressed.

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