Open-source games. Edge bomber

You decide where the boundaries of this pervasive platform game you can play anywhere.

Rescue the kidnapped Suezee ICEQUEEN! The superhero Ozkar and the black magic tapes becomes your best friends in virtual and real world. Edgebomber breaks up the classic “ready-made”-gameconcepts. With support of special duct tapes, the player create their own levels and sketches to solve this game. Edgebomber deals about user-generated content in games and his social expansion.

EdgeBomber is a “Pervasive Game”, where the player uses tape, stickers and scissors to create their own playgrounds on a wall. The procedural system grabs the scenery and creates a virtual level for the jump’n’run video game. EdgeBomber was developed in an artist’s residency at theZKM, Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, and has already been shown at several digital festivals, venues and art events around Europe.


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