Upside down and inside out

Any other time this house in West Virginia would not really have made me look twice but I’ve been thinking alot about combined indoor and outdoor – not Grand Design ‘outside rooms’ but more multi-dimenional – Narnia style spaces within spaces. Secret places/doorways/conduits/inbetween. It was nice to see on BBC2 20 March’s That Mitchell and Webb Look had a comedy sketch which involved a car boot sale where you can buy a wardrobe that leads to Narnia for only £250. If you are quick you might be able to catch it on Iplayer.

[[[As Gary Gyjax and Arthur C Clarke have both moved over to another realm this year I think it is the right time for We Love Technology 08 to touch on domestic/fantasy theme. I can see this working well with some of the best examples of expanded/interactive architecture . ]]]


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