David Lynch Ipod ad provokes fair to middling rant

This may be funny, intentionally provocative, tongue-in-cheek, whatever, but thanks to the slow moving UK film educators and the system in which they are bound this attitude is rife, even among younger filmmakers. The only platform for them is still cinema and they are often clearly threatened not intrigued, by the expanded possibilities of this new dynamic mobile production and exhibition technology. Since Pocket Shorts began in 2004 a number of dedicated mobile phone film festivals and production schemes have sprung up but reactionary attitudes remain. So as its stands, I feel it’s more likely that we will see groundbreaking film coming from the generation with an intimate connection to their video mobiles. Those who have taught themselves to use their phones not for Art but to create more organic, instinctive and immediate forms of expression. Those who document then share their work for free. Unwittingly they leave those filmmakers with their minds set by training, who are seduced, saturated and stuck rehashing tired themes and obediently adopting the attitudes of the dead.

Pocket Shorts


Mobile Movies


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